Pertamina Has Already Allowed Investment Rokan Block Next Year

PT Pertamina although not officially became the operator of Rokan Block but according to the Ministry of energy and Mineral resources (DEMR) can already start investing next year. The decision was taken to keep the production of oil and gas (oil and gas) does not decline.

Before doing exploration in Block Rokan Pertamina is scheduled to discuss the program of work and budget (Work Programme and Budgeting/WP&B) the year 2019 in oil and gas Blocks with Rokan SKK.

If all is consulted with the oil and then the year 2019 SKK PT Pertamina can already start doing drilling for oil in Block Rokan although not officially become the operator on the block of Rokan.

Investment in oil and gas blocks that ended his contract contained in the Regulation of the Minister of MINERAL RESOURCES the number 23 year 2018, especially article 20. So it could be a legal umbrella Pertamina investing early and it is said to be valid does not violate the terms.

In the article it was mentioned, after the diteken contract, Pertamina or auction winner can do financing or opearsi activities that are required prior to the effective date of the new contract. This is to keep the level of oil and gas production in the block,

As for the pelaksaaan activities of the operations through pembiayan Pertamina are carried out by the existing contractor. Later the whole of the costs incurred in conducting the preparation of Pertamina over the operations that can be restored on the basis of a new partnership contract.

In kaitanya with a work program setting of Rokan Block Block Rokan indeed still continuing until today. Advanced Field development program (Plan of Further Development/PoFD) at six points still held by Chevron.

But the future after his contract expired and Rokan Block there are several instruments operating costs that have not been paid by Chevron earlier so that developer later PT Pertamina should bear the costs of that previously had to be dubayarkan by Chevron.

Investment in Indonesia is expected to maintain a stable supply of oil and gas (oil and gas) in Indonesia. Dikethui PT Pertamina has already experienced in this sort of thing like the Mahakam Block management by PT Pertamina some time ago.