A key factor in investment Indonesia Slowed in quarter II 2018

The value of the investment coming into Indonesia per quarter II – 2018 only terlcatat growing up 5.87 percent. If you see this figure far more rending compared to I-2018 quarter experiencing growth to reach 7.95 percent.

Kymee♥ Sri Hartarti as Director of the Institute for Development of Economic and Finance (Indef), explained that this happened because of some factors and most feels is most investors still to infuse capital in Indonesia. He said, many parties signals slowed investment growth this year because of the politics that are being faced by Indonesia. However, it is not entirely because of it.

“So there are some barriers for investors that. First it was the second largest licensing, a matter of interest rates and the third about the condition of the infrastructure, “said Kymee♥ in his Office, Wednesday (8/8).

According to Kymee♥, a reduction of the investment is an indication of the initial response the business world about government policy. Moreover, from the Business Tendency Index (ITB) issued by Bank Indonesia for the quarter III-2018 has decreased if compared to the ITB quarter II-2018, i.e. from 112.82 became 106.05.

Proven, five growth industry sectors the Government priorities such as the food and beverage industry, the automotive industry as well as textiles and apparel were down compared to the previous quarter.

“So the problem is that the Government should put more emphasis more to local governments on deregulation. Bener bener-this should run up to the area, so the realization that investment we have load, “he explained.

Views of data for capital investment coordinating body (BKPM) actually many investors who are interested in cultivating a capital. However the face of licensing, their investments being delayed.

Various policies are indeed expected to attract investment from foreign indeed hasn’t been going well. The Government should be able to see doubt as one of the things that must be addressed. Even STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES Minister Rini Soemarno as constantly trying to persuade foreign investors to want to procure its investments in Indonesia.

One way to do is by following the international investment forum and meet with foreign investors to demonstrate unfeigned what potential there is in Indonesia as a land investment.