Wisatawan Asing Berlibur Ke indonesia

Entrepreneur Tjandra Limanjaya: Indonesia Is Worthy of Position 2 of the World’s Best Investment

U.s. News has done a survey entitled 2018 Best single Contries and put Indonesia in second place as the country with the best investment. It is the result of a survey of 21,000 people worldwide. In the survey, one of the issues raised is the best country to invest in the world.

According to Tjandra Limanjaya, the ranking rated fair because the Government has been providing easy access for entrepreneurs to do business in Indonesia. Then who Tjandra Limanjaya?

Tjandra Limanjaya is Indonesia entrepreneur who’s been doing various sectors of investment in Indonesia, one of which is in the tourism sector. The region of Bali and Lombok is a place chosen Tjandra for the tourism sector.

World’s best investment related, Tjandra hope if this will positively impact to attract investors from abroad. It will also be an opportunity for local investors to be able to cooperate with foreign investors.

According to Tjandra, such cooperation is very important and will have an impact both on the economy achieved 5 percent targeted by the Government.

Tjandra Limanjaya and other entrepreneurs optmis if the Government continue to make ease of doing business ranking is not impossible then one will accrue to Indonesia. Currently ranked the Philippines as the country earned one best investment.

The same thing also disclosed the Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industi Indonesia Rosan Roeslani which revealed that if seen from the competitiveness of Indonesia’s economy, Indonesia has experienced significant gains.

Ease of doing business ranking of Indonesia are in the pososo to-73 from 137 countries. If Indonesia already able to harmonize the various policies at the central level and the area then the ease of doing business ranking will certainly rise.

During these things often complain about business is the regulation that existed in Indonesia. So if the Central Government or the regions can simplify the regulation then Investors will be more interested in infusing capital in Indonesia.

The following 10 best countries for investing in Indonesia:

  1. Philippines
  2. Indonesian
  3. Polish
  4. Malaysia
  5. Singapore
  6. Australia
  7. Spanish
  8. Thailand
  9. India
  10. Oman